Have you already achieved a lot – and do you still want more? More success, more contentment, more passion, better health, more….?
You know what you are capable of and how great you perform – now you do not want to settle but you want to create and enjoy your life exactly the way you desire? You want to go for the next level?

Then you are at the right spot

I am happy to accompany you with your next steps!

I show you, how to set your mind effectively so it will enable you to create your life in the way you truly want it.

With my professional competence, my experience and my humanness.

ViMA up your life!

Take over responsibility for your life – Grow!


Do you want to be successful, balanced and happy? Then NOW is the perfect moment to START HERE!


Instead of living new concepts and roles, or to follow some Gurus, you will realize your own individual path – your individual recipe for success.
And then you can manifest and achieve everything – every change is possible.

I know this as I experienced it very often with my students and also constantly experience it in my own life!
I changed my life completely, left the golden rat race in Germany and quit my job as a lawyer to live with my family in Spain at the sea, to live the life I truly love – I achieved in Germany everything I aimed for and did then the next step.

This is to me the definition of success! To be able to live full of energy and joy the life I want to live – to experience prosperity in- and outside!

Und dann kannst Du Alles erreichen, ist jede Veränderung möglich.




“YES! I want!”

“I love my life”

In Spain I can focus now on what I really have to offer: to work with people on their mindsets with the transformative technology of Kundalini Yoga!
I chose very consciously to take my life into my own hands and to be really happy and successful – to share this and to be able to affirm 100% “I love my life” and “YES! I want!”
Here I share my experiences and my offers about the “YES! I want!” mindset- which makes us all invincible.
We all can take consciously decide to challenge ourselves, to gain more success, Happiness, Power and Lightness – or we give our chances to the automatism of the rat race….

Choose now!

Activity instead of passivity

Positive instead of negative energy

Contentment and no complaining

ViMA! is not for you, if you want everything to remain the way it always was.

I am looking forward to sharing on this website experiences, inspirations, questions, offers, etc. – so we can live and share our BIRTHRIGHT TO BE HAPPY!

Are you ready?

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