Intensive Workshops in Germany and Spain:

3rd of February 2019       11-13h
 New Year – New Energies
2+0+1+9=1+2=3 3= third chakra, positive Mind
Act to not react – being a vicitim is not an option
…and much more…
Let us explore the chances and challenges of the number 3 – the number of this year:
Through a short lecture, gentle physical exercises and meditation. Suitable for everybody who is interested in a deeper understanding of the chakras and who wants to use this year for effective positive action!
Price: 20€
Questions? claudia@vima.one

Retreats in Spain: 1st-5th of May 2019 (more to come)




Books (coming soon….) 

Kundalini Yoga für geniale Frauen – Kraft und Leichtigkeit im Alltag
Fuffi- die Erfahrungen einer Banknote



e.g.Kindness and Compassion in the world of business -useful or useless?