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Wherever you are at the moment, be sure that with every breath you can take the right step into your true power and your new life!

You want more? More success, more happiness and less stress?

More impactful and effective communication? More often getting up joyfully in the morning, greeting the day happily and going to bed thankfully in the evening - simply because you are really satisfied, fulfilled and happy?

Because you feel you have arrived in your career and are comfortable with yourself.

That would be great, wouldn't it?

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My Coaching

What we can achieve together...

? Vitality instead of exhaustion

You are tired, constant circling thoughts rob you of energy and zest for life? Negative moods impair your quality of life? Enthusiasm and passion are sinking more and more?

Do you know your specific energy robbers? Is it people, habits or thoughts?

➡ Together we will find the causes of your energy loss and lay the essential foundations for accessing your mental, physical and spiritual power.

?️ Clarity instead of back and forth

Can't make up your mind? Are you wavering back and forth between different options or going round in circles? Can't find a beginning and can't get started?

If this no longer feels right, then the time is ripe for clear decisions and action steps. Decisions that move you forward on your true path, come from the truth of your heart and involve your mind AND are implemented by you step by step with energy and joy.

When you are aware of your own need, which is always the true basis of every attainable goal and comes from the depth of yourself, then manifesting actions are the only logical consequence.

➡ Together we uncover your true needs (yes, there can be more than one) and activate your innate power of manifestation.

? Self-love instead of self-criticism

Are the inner nagging and small-minded voices annoying you? Are you tired of your own limitations and long for peace and contentment? Your inner child gets attention and yet you keep falling into old patterns and are not the creator of your life?

➡ We explore exactly these parts, differentiate between the karmic and the dharmic inner child and strengthen your self-esteem - so that regardless of external circumstances you always remember how infinitely valuable you are AND express this.

Change management -  upgrade instead of downgrade (career change, menopause)

Do you wish to continue to shape your life openly and self-confidently according to your own wishes - even if you are changing yourself or your environment? Do you find it difficult to come to terms with getting older?

It is in these phases that it is so valuable to meet ourselves as cyclical beings and to remember where we have all come from and where we are going. Each of us has our own identity that is subject to change. Apart from esoteric mumbo-jumbo, through a clear reconnection with your true self, you can use the various upheavals and changes in life in a very concrete way to let go and move forward into the future without a care in the world.

➡ You realise that change is the only constant in life and use exactly that for yourself.

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  • Power Tools for Practice
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Dear Claudia,

Thank you very much for your wonderful coaching. Through my kinesiological training, many individual aspects of what makes me tick became apparent. Your coaching with a look at my numbers and your specific questions about my visions revealed: yes, I can trust my intuition and everything is available? :) And an absolute added value for me in everyday life: your meditation recommendations for strengthening my heart chakra and the lower triangle.
To come more and more into my power.
Sincerely Anette

Anette Besler

Banker and alternative practitioner

Today I wanted to say thank you!

You have accompanied me for the last six months and I am on my way so wonderfully!
I feel understood and you have already given me so many tools that I can easily use again and again. The meditations are always really well chosen for my situation and go incredibly deep.
I find you incredibly authentic and your prices very fair!
I always look forward to our conversation and always leave very positive and full of energy!

Thank you for everything and I look forward to the road ahead♡.

Anna Töpfer


Claudia combines an interesting mix of "having both feet firmly on the ground and still being able to jump into the universe". So she is a good enrichment for all those who want to approach things differently because familiar mechanisms simply don't work (any more). Let Claudia accompany you in Spain online in very close contact out of the effort towards more lightness and courage.

Stefanie Stolle



Dear Claudia,

I would like to thank you again today for your wonderful work and at the same time give you some feedback.

For me it was a stroke of luck to discover you and your group by chance. I was immediately attracted by your clear and committed manner. I absorbed your contributions in the group and decided relatively quickly to book a "coaching block" of 6 sessions with you.

I had been on my way for a long time and had tried various therapies and alternative healing methods to positively influence my chronic pain and psychological challenges. I'm sure one or two things helped me, but I just couldn't find the right access to myself and to spirituality. At the age of 53 (at least in my mind), changes are no longer so easy, so I was also in doubt as to whether you could help me. But since your clear language, your directness, your empathy and your personality appealed to me so much, I really wanted to give myself a chance.

In the beginning I was still very strong in my fear and also very strong in my resistance. I was not at all well, as you know. It was difficult for me to get involved in the meditations. Especially the attunement took more than a little getting used to. Since I was able to talk to you so openly and deeply about these doubts and resistances, I grew the desire to keep at it.

All in all, after the coaching sessions and through the tools (meditation, etc.) that you gave me, I have definitely come a lot further.

My fears have decreased,

I get out of my thought cycles faster,

I can open my heart to my partner much more,

our relationship is much more harmonious and loving,

I allow myself to be more patient with myself,

to be less perfect,

to go new ways and to be less on the outside.

Through you I have learned that I have everything I need within me. You gave me the appropriate tools (meditation, yoga) so that I don't have to keep looking for the right coach, the right technique or whatever. I find that incredibly liberating.

My journey is certainly not over yet, and there are always phases in between when I don't feel well. But I can get myself out of it much faster and get distance from my negative feelings.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and would wish it to many dear people to work with you and to open up to your spiritual practice. Through you, even head people like me get access to meditation and yoga, although you also convey that there are many other ways. For me, it was not only the yoga and the meditations that helped me, but especially the clarity that I gained through the conversations with you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All love

Silke J.

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Who am I?

I am Claudia and until 2017 I lived with my husband and our two children in a beautiful suburb of Munich, was professionally successful  as a lawyer, politically active with several mandates at local and district council level and taught Kundalini Yoga & Meditation mainly to business people. Everything was just as it seemed "right" at the time.

My career was going very well, children were growing up sheltered and everything seemed to be going in an orderly fashion... until in the spring of 2016, as if out of nowhere, I suddenly knew that I wanted to live in the sunny south with more light and happiness - instead of continuing on the stressful path that was so clearly visible, the deep desire for a radical change suddenly flared up.

My familiar life felt strange, I realized how exhausted I was and that I was very bored with many things - more and more often I had the feeling of "that can not be it". I wanted more.

And this could neither be ignored nor put off, because it was clear to me that I would become ill if I did not change my life. Looking back, I know now that this was my wake-up call  and fortunately I followed it without a vehement crisis building up.

Thanks to my strong mindset, the inner connection to my higher guidance, and all my trainings the change happened - step by step. 

In August 2017, we started our new life in Spain by the sea and shortly afterwards I began to realize my calling. Since 2018, I have been passionately advising and coaching business people in various phases of life, so that they too can self-determine their path to more success, joy and ease. In 2022 I published my first book.

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